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It’s been a very successful season for Blake Friedman, Tenor, see what the critics are saying:

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From Impresario Now! with Wendy Taucher Dance Opera Theater:

“The bold and funny, Blake Friedman, sounds out by giving somehow charming character to the slimy sort that was his role in “Impresario Now!,” with a strong, husky vocal performance that will not soon be forgotten – an outstanding tenor, indeed!” – Daniel J. Adams, MVPBS

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From Van Gogh’s Ear with Ensemble for the Romantic Century:

“Blake Friedman, performed Beau Soir with tenderness, delicacy, and a sense of emotional sympathy.

Here is the distinguished German baritone, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, performing Beau Soir. Although there is nothing to criticize in this magnificent performance, it is well to note that Friedman’s French diction is far more intelligible.”

“The other musically illuminating highlight of the evening, summoning not just a sense but an identification with Van Gogh’s conflicted emotions and lofty aspirations, was a performance of Faure’s song, Prison, Op. 83, No. 1, sung once again, with perfect French and moving dynamic nuances by Blake Friedman” – Eli Newberger, The Berkshire Edge

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